Since a lot of you lovely MaiBee customers live in many different countries, we wanted to give you all a chance at nabbing an item you love no matter what time-zone you are in. That’s why we have added an Auction feature to our website with a few of our Top Pick items ! Here is a little info about the new feature so you can get cracking


  • Each auction will last 24hrs
  • Price will start at: £1 GBP
  • You will have to make an account with us to bid in an auction (just so we can keep you in the loop about your bid)
  • To make sure you’re completely up to date on the current highest bid on the listing, please refresh the page before placing your own.
  • Please pay promptly after the time of winning your item, or it will be passed on to the next highest bidder L


Happy bidding lovelies!